Weight Plan Loss Update

I know that i have neglected the site for a few months now but i needed to regroup. So i tried Weight Watchers which is a plan based on points i followed it along with excercise and i was able to loose about 7 pounds . Eventhough its a great programe i feel that my body reached tableau .Therefore i decided to change it up and stop payinng for a diet plan sicne i know my body and what works and what doesnt after years of dieting and ups and downs. I decided not to eat pass 6pm iv realized that my body responds well to that , whenever i eat pass six no matter what it is it stops me from loosing . SUPRISE! It worked, i just know my body very well , i have a great breakfast and a good lunch and i have a morning and afternoon snack and im good i dont feel hungry or the need to eat with some will power i was able to loose 5 pounds in 2 weeks which makes me super happy.

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