Weight Loss Plan

Yesterday i started my weight loss plan on Weight Watchers , i thought it would be the ideal way to go about it since im not into yo yo dieting and dont want to starve myself or deprive myself from the things that i like to eat.  My plan is  start to lose 5% of my current weight which is about 8 pounds and do it gradually . I already lost 25 pounds in the last 2 years by focusing on excercising and watching what i eat but the next 15 are the difficult ones to lost . I have to say that excercise has done wonders to my body it pretty much changed its entire shape and i feel great when i finished an entire turbo kick class or one hour of personal training.

Going back to WW today is day @ 2 and Its been good so far its certainly is teaching me portion control and it keeps me on track no to over eat. I utilize their online tool application which i have to say is pretty cool and some part of it is interactive . Also keep track of what i eat is extremely helpful for me to not go overboard on food and im still able to eat what i want but of course in moderation. I hope ill be able to continue on it , since i signed up for their 3 months promotion !

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